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Mura CMS is an open source content management system for CFML, created by Blue River Interactive Group. Mura has been designed to be used by marketing departments, web designers and developers.

Standards-based HTML/CSS templating:

Mura CMS has a modern, best-practice approach to templating and layout.

Complete Control:

Use our included CSS/JS/HTML starter templates, or substitute your preferred approach. Either way you have freedom to implement any design you want.

Build it fast:

Mura CMS ships with tons of pre-built objects and features to help you complete your sites in record time.

Easy to customize:

with a powerful API and event-driven architecture.

Cross-platform support:

Mura CMS fits almost every environment - it's even cloud-ready.

One-click updates make updating your Mura CMS installations fast and painless.
Easily add and update your site content with an incredibly intuitive, easy to use interface.

Engage your audiences with powerful blogging and user feedback tools like comments, ratings, reviews, etc. Create Search Engine Optimized sites and marketing campaigns.

Dual-licensing option:

your organization can use Mura CMS under your choice of open-source or commercial options.

Professional support available for both open-source and commercial options.
Secure and scalable:

Mura CMS is a great choice for even the most demanding of goverment projects.